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The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts

Grants Made in 2018

Grants Made in 2018$2,407,763
African Corn Milling$99,805
Applying Technology to Promote Mental Health Education$57,000
Building PBIS Internal Capacity in Southbridge Public Schools $100,000
Capacity Building and Integration for Children's Behavioral Healthcare$100,000
Catering Options/Cooking Up A Career$30,000
ClayWorks & ArtWorks Project$37,500
Critical Home Repair Program$30,000
Expanding Access to Medication Assisted Treatment$65,000
Handicap Accessible Van$60,544
Improving Dental Care$100,000
Jeremiah's Inn Sober Housing$100,000
Men’s Residence Renovation$68,000
Pre-Kindergarten Classroom Addition$95,000
Psychiatric Outreach Service & Training Collaboration$50,000
ReImagine North of Main - Implementation, Year 3$341,950
The Leominster Women's Program$75,000
Worcester HEARS - Implementation, Year 3$419,631
Worcester Regional Food Hub - Implementation, Year 2$573,333
Title:African Corn MillingAmount:$99,805
Recipient:World Farmers
Grant Type: Activation Fund
World Farmers will construct a mill house to house a commercial-grade food mill for immigrant and refugee farmers to produce milled value-added products for personal consumption and for sale.

Project Director: Ms. Maria Moreira
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Title:Applying Technology to Promote Mental Health EducationAmount:$57,000
Recipient:The SHINE Initiative
Grant Type: Activation Fund
This grant will allow the SHINE Initiative to enhance its website and develop social media tools to promote mental health education and increase scalability for its programs related to mental health and wellness for youth and adults.

Project Director: Mr. Fred Kaelin
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Title:Building PBIS Internal Capacity in Southbridge Public Schools Amount:$100,000
Recipient:Southbridge Public Schools
Grant Type: Activation Fund
The Southbridge Public Schools will hire a district-level Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) expert for one year to work with principals, school-based PBIS coaches, teachers, and staff on this program aimed at improving academic and social behavior outcomes for students.

Project Director: Ms. Margo Ferrick
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Title:Capacity Building and Integration for Children's Behavioral HealthcareAmount:$100,000
Recipient:Riverside Community Care
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Riverside Community Care will construct new offices to house four additional child clinicians to increase access to mental health services for children and adolescents in South Central Massachusetts.

Project Director: Mr. Scott Bock
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Title:Catering Options/Cooking Up A CareerAmount:$30,000
Recipient:Employment Options
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Employment Options will hire a part-time Prep Chef to increase the capacity of its Catering Options social enterprise for individuals with mental health conditions primarily in the MetroWest area.

Project Director: Mr. James Grasberger
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Title:ClayWorks & ArtWorks ProjectAmount:$37,500
Recipient:Quaboag Valley Community Development Corporation
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Quaboag Valley Community Development Corporation will purchase pottery wheels, signage, marketing, and initial staffing for the launch of a pottery studio as part of the redevelopment of a downtown building block to revitalize downtown Ware and create jobs and healthy activities.

Project Director: Ms. Sheila Cuddy
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Title:Critical Home Repair ProgramAmount:$30,000
Recipient:Habitat for Humanity MetroWest/Greater Worcester
Grant Type: Activation Fund
This grant will support Habitat for Humanity MetroWest/Greater Worcester’s Critical Home Repair program which repairs homes for low-to-moderate income seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and their families.

Project Director: Ms. Deb Huegel
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Title:Expanding Access to Medication Assisted TreatmentAmount:$65,000
Recipient:Community Healthlink
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Community Healthlink will hire a full-time registered nurse to expand access to office-based opioid treatment at the Worcester Counseling Center for patients seen at Community Healthlink's Urgent Care center.

Project Director: Ms. Katie Ricciardi
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Title:Handicap Accessible VanAmount:$60,544
Recipient:NEADS World Class Service Dogs (NEADS)
Grant Type: Activation Fund
NEADS is purchasing a new handicap accessible van to be used to safely transport clients and service dogs/puppies for training and veterinary care.

Project Director: Ms. Cathy Zemaitis
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Title:Improving Dental CareAmount:$100,000
Recipient:Community Health Connections
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Community Health Connections is creating an in-house dental prosthetics laboratory to increase access and training opportunities in the Fitchburg area.

Project Director: Ms. Jackie Buckley
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Title:Jeremiah's Inn Sober HousingAmount:$100,000
Recipient:Jeremiah's Inn
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Jeremiah's Inn will use this grant for furnishings and fixtures for a Massachusetts Alliance of Sober Housing certified sober housing program being launched in Worcester.

Project Director: Ms. Janelle Wilson
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Title:Men’s Residence RenovationAmount:$68,000
Recipient:Athol Area YMCA
Grant Type: Activation Fund
The Athol Area YMCA will renovate its Men's Residence Center to increase its capacity to provide stable and affordable short-term and long-term housing for men by increasing the number of rooms, updating bathroom facilities, and installing a kitchen and laundry area.

Project Director: Ms. Jeanette Robichaud
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Title:Pre-Kindergarten Classroom AdditionAmount:$95,000
Recipient:YWCA of Central MA
Grant Type: Activation Fund
The YWCA of Central MA will add a Pre-Kindergarten classroom to increase its pre-school student capacity and enhance its preschool STEM programming to meet the demand for quality childcare in Worcester, especially for underserved children.

Project Director: Ms. Linda Cavaioli
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Title:Psychiatric Outreach Service & Training CollaborationAmount:$50,000
Recipient:Genesis Club of Worcester
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Genesis Club is collaborating with Open Sky Community Services to coordinate care for individuals with serious mental illness who are eligible for the Central Community Health Partnership, a community partner approved to work with MassHealth Accountable Care Organizations.

Project Director: Ms. Ruth Osterman
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Title:ReImagine North of Main - Implementation, Year 3Amount:$341,950
Recipient:Fitchburg State University
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - ReImagine North of Main
For Implementation Year Three of the ReImagine North of Main project, project leadership will transition from the Montachusett Opportunity Council to Fitchburg State University. The project aims to transform the North of Main neighborhood of Fitchburg through resident and stakeholder engagement, policy advocacy and responsible development.

The overall theme for the ReImagine North of Main project is to transform the area into the "Gateway to Arts and Culture." To support this, the project is focusing on three key areas: neighborhood development, economic development, and community engagement. Other project partners include the City of Fitchburg, the Fitchburg Art Museum, NewVue Communities, and Three Pyramids.

This project received over $600,000 from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston from 2014 to 2017.

CO-PROJECT DIRECTORS: Dr. Alberto Cardelle, Fitchburg State University;
Ms. Patricia Pistone, Montachusett Opportunity Council

Fiscal Agent: Fitchburg State University
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Title:The Leominster Women's ProgramAmount:$75,000
Recipient:Catholic Charities of Worcester County
Grant Type: Activation Fund
This grant will allow Catholic Charities to install a fire suppression system and an ADA-compliant bathroom as part of renovations to open a 20-bed substance abuse recovery home for unaccompanied women in Leominster.

Project Director: Mr. Timothy McMahon
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Title:Worcester HEARS - Implementation, Year 3Amount:$419,631
Recipient:Worcester Public Schools
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - Worcester HEARS
Worcester HEARS is entering its third year of creating school environments that support children's health, social and emotional development, and academic success. HEARS brings together advances in brain science, child development, and best practices to address childhood adversity. It has launched in five Worcester schools: Rice Square Elementary, Grafton Street Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary, City View Elementary, and Worcester East Middle School.

Some of the goals for Year Three include the completion of action plans using The Flexible Framework tool and staff training on trauma and learning, expansion of HEARS Support Team services to the five HEARS schools, continuation of the MindUP curriculum, therapeutic support from a School Adjustment Counselor during afterschool programming at Worcester East Middle School, full implementation of the WIPLE parent academy programming, the opening of a School-Based Health Center at Worcester East Middle School, and the development of an advocacy action agenda that will lead to replication/systems change in the WPS and potentially beyond.

Project Director: Ms. Maura Mahoney
Fiscal Agent: Worcester Public Schools
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Title:Worcester Regional Food Hub - Implementation, Year 2Amount:$573,333
Recipient:Worcester County Food Bank
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - Worcester Regional Food Hub
The Worcester Regional Food Hub is designed to improve the regional food system by strengthening sustainable agriculture, promoting healthy eating, and fueling economic development. Implementation Year Two of the project brings new leadership as the project transitions from the Regional Environmental Council and the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce to the Worcester County Food Bank.

The Food Hub will focus on two primary areas in 2018. Aggregation, Marketing & Distribution services will provide increased market opportunities through logistical support that increases the produce purchased by local institutions, thereby increasing the amount of affordable, local, healthy food available in the community. The Commercial Kitchen Incubator program will provide a commercial kitchen space for rent and planning assistance to support the development of food businesses by local farmers, caterers, and other food entrepreneurs looking to start or grow a food business.

Project Director: Ms. Jean McMurray
Fiscal Agent: Worcester County Food Bank
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