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Grants Made in 2013

Grants Made in 2013$2,297,521
A Better Life: Helping Families Find Their Way - Implementation, Year 1$525,295
A Ray of Light$46,376
Improving Access to Health - Implementation, Year 1$260,000
Massachusetts Duals Demonstration Project$50,000
Men's Suicide Prevention Project$80,000
ReStore Donations Project$40,000
School Based Behavioral Health Clinic$38,720
Sharps and Medicines Disposal Project$66,300
The Compass Project - Implementation, Year 1$450,000
The Garden Within Reach Project$54,505
Vision Clinic$86,825
Worcester County DataCommon $50,000
Worcester Initiative for Supported Reentry - Implementation, Year 1$474,500
Title:A Better Life: Helping Families Find Their Way - Implementation, Year 1Amount:$525,295
Recipient:Worcester Housing Authority
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - A Better Life: Helping Families Find Their Way
The goal of A Better Life (ABL) is to provide each participant with the tools they need to be able to exit public housing. ABL worked with about 30 families in the pilot grant period and provided them with intensive case management and support services from a variety of partner agencies. This program was voluntary and addressed five areas of need: educational, occupational, financial, personal, and healthcare. The specific elements of each participant's service plan were developed based on assessments completed by each program participant as they entered ABL.

By the end of the pilot project, 24 of the 31 participants were employed and three others were in school full time. Five households had begun to escrow funds and thus far had saved more than $30,000.

For Implementation Year 1, ABL will look to add voluntary participants to get the total number up to 35 in order to account for families dropping out of the program. In addition, they will add 35 families that will be mandated as a condition of their lease to participate in ABL. Both of these groups will be compared to another similar group of public housing residents who are not receiving any of the ABL programmatic supports.

Project Director: Mr. Raymond Mariano
Fiscal Agent: The Worcester Housing Authority
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Title:A Ray of LightAmount:$46,376
Recipient:Spectrum Health Systems
Grant Type: Activation Fund

Spectrum will coordinate the development of a Worcester-based system of support for women involved in sex trafficking.  This project uses a train-the-trainer approach to develop and provides evidence-based training and key resources to members of the Worcester Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (WAASE) in order to help them identify and respond to victims and survivors of sex trafficking in the community. 

The WAASE is led by a Steering Committee that includes representatives from Spectrum, the YWCA, Community Healthlink and Worcester’s Division of Public Health.

Project Director:               Ms. Athena Haddon

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Title:Improving Access to Health - Implementation, Year 1Amount:$260,000
Recipient:Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - Improving Access to Health
The goal of this project is for the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center (EMKCHC) to open a satellite health center in Milford by July 2013. The pilot grant was a project of the Milford Regional Medical Center Foundation and it involved the development of a coalition of local social service agencies to address the issue of access to primary care. The coalition identified the opening of a satellite health center as the key way to address this problem. They identified EMKCHC as their partner to do this, in large part because nearly 800 Milford residents were going to either Worcester or Framingham for care at an EMKCHC site. Once the health center is open, patient revenue will enable them to sustain this operation.

Project Director: Ms. Leah Gallivan
Fiscal Agent: Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center
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Title:Massachusetts Duals Demonstration ProjectAmount:$50,000
Recipient:Center for Living and Working
Grant Type: Activation Fund

The Center for Living & Working (CLW) is an independent living center serving individuals with disabilities. This grant will enable them to hire a long-term Services Support Coordinator to begin their work on the Massachusetts Duals Demonstration Project – One Care.

The goal of One Care is to better coordinate the health care needs of disabled adults who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, rather than limit their benefits to those currently offered by Medicare.  CLW plans to contract with three integrated care organizations (ICO) that will serve Central Massachusetts individuals eligible for this project. 

Project Director:               Ms. Jessica Santos

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Title:Men's Suicide Prevention ProjectAmount:$80,000
Recipient:Heywood Hospital
Grant Type: Activation Fund

Heywood Hospital plans to implement a targeted, evidence-based men's suicide prevention program in partnership with a number of other area organizations. 

The suicide rate in the Greater Gardner area continues to exceed the state average -- 12.3 per 100,000 vs. 7 per 100,000. In 2012 there were 18 suicides in this region (according to the Massachusetts State Police) and 12 (67 percent) of them were committed by white working-age men. 

Heywood Hospital will use the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's evidence-based program -- Men's Volunteer Suicide Prevention Advocacy; this is a male peer to peer model that provides support for survivors who have lost a male loved one, colleague or friend to suicide. 

Their goal is to train individuals throughout the community so that people will recognize the signs that someone is at risk and help them to access the necessary resources to prevent additional suicides.

The Hospital also plans to put information about suicide prevention on their website. 

Project Director:               Ms. Barbara Nealon

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Title:ReStore Donations ProjectAmount:$40,000
Recipient:Habitat for Humanity - MetroWest/Greater Worcester
Grant Type: Activation Fund

Habitat for Humanity - MetroWest/Greater Worcester plans to use their grant to purchase a truck and advertise their ReStore operation in Worcester.  ReStore is a retail outlet that sells used and surplus construction and home improvement materials as well as home furnishings.  These items are donated to Habitat by local retailers, contractors and individuals. Habitat will replace the truck that ReStore uses to pick up donations with a larger truck that would require fewer trips to pick up donates goods. It will also be compatible with the standard loading dock at the ReStore facility which the current truck is not.

Project Director:               Ms. Debbie Maruca Hoak

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Title:School Based Behavioral Health ClinicAmount:$38,720
Recipient:Family Continuity
Grant Type: Activation Fund

Family Continuity plans to establish a behavioral health clinic in each of the high schools in the Northbridge and Uxbridge school districts.  Family Continuity would provide clinicians at each high school two days a week and child-adolescent psychiatry at each school once a month.   They anticipate serving approximately 32 students each week. The psychiatrist would be able to provide medication visits, psychiatric examinations and some consultative services. 

Project Director:               Mr. Craig Maxim

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Title:Sharps and Medicines Disposal ProjectAmount:$66,300
Recipient:Montachusett Public Health Network
Grant Type: Activation Fund

The Montachusett Public Health Network (MPHN) is a regional public health collaborative that includes the eleven communities of Athol, Clinton, Fitchburg, Gardner, Leominster, Phillipston, Princeton, Royalston, Sterling, Templeton and Westminster.

The goal of this project is to reduce the improper disposal of medicine and sharps throughout their region. The MPHN wants to provide convenient and accessible alternatives for proper disposal and to implement procedures to ensure that the disposal sites are properly maintained. 

They plan to install eight sharps kiosks and nine medicine take-back facilities throughout the region.  

MPHN is also planning to conduct an educational outreach campaign so that the public will know that these disposal facilities are available.  

Project Director:               Mr. Stephen D. Curry

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Title:The Compass Project - Implementation, Year 1Amount:$450,000
Recipient:LUK, Inc.
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - The Compass Project
The Compass Project served 18 youth in the pilot year. Most of these young people were served because their family was at risk for homelessness. In 2013, the focus will shift from the delivery of case management services to the development of a comprehensive and coordinated network of providers, who will be aligned through a common understanding of the strengths and needs of these young people and will use a common model to engage them. The expectation is that Compass will serve between 100 and 150 young people during the year, with intensive case management being provided to 45 of them by LUK. The other key element of the project is housing, including emergency housing and transitional housing. The expectation is that Compass will continue to work with SMOC and Catholic Worker to provide emergency housing and with LUK, Abby's House and Worcester Community Housing Resources to provide transitional housing arrangements.

Project Co-Directors: Dr. Lois Barry, LUK; Dr. Laurie Ross, Clark University
Fiscal Agent: LUK, Inc.
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Title:The Garden Within Reach ProjectAmount:$54,505
Recipient:Worcester County Horticultural Society
Grant Type: Activation Fund

The Worcester County Horticultural Society -- Tower Hill Botanic Garden will use this grant for the construction of several specific teaching elements for the Garden Within Reach.  The Garden Within Reach, which is being designed and built by horticultural experts who also understand disability issues, will feature programming and classes that will enable disabled individuals to participate in gardening at the site and learn the skills necessary for them to participate in gardening where they live.  The grant will cover the costs associated with various garden elements -- containers, pulley baskets, raised beds, etc. required for these classes and programs.

Project Director:               Ms. Katherine F. Abbott

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Title:Vision ClinicAmount:$86,825
Recipient:Family Health Center of Worcester
Grant Type: Activation Fund

Family Health Center of Worcester (FHCW) plans to establish a Vision Clinic, in partnership with Massachusetts College of Pharmacy's School of Optometry (MCPHS-SO).

The goal is to provide access to vision care for their 7,200 patients.  They would also have a small retail shop on site which would provide low-income patients with affordable eyewear. 

FHCW plans to have interpreter services available for this clinic in the same way that they do for their other services. 

  Project Director:               Dr. Gregory A Culley

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Title:Worcester County DataCommon Amount:$50,000
Recipient:Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission
Grant Type: Activation Fund

The Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC) plans to develop the Worcester County DataCommon; a common, accessible, open platform database that could be used by organizations, agencies or even individuals to support policy-making decisions, program development, benchmarking and projections.

The DataCommon will facilitate access to and sharing of a range of interactive useable data on topics including health, housing, education, crime, recreation, employment and culture.  This would allow local organizations and communities to use data to better understand and analyze current issues.

The goal of the DataCommon is to serve as a third-party intermediary, providing the same data to everyone.  The software allows for a variety of visualizations -- by place, over time, etc. -- which should help organizations and communities to better understand some of the issues they are facing.

Project Director:               Mr. Lawrence B. Adams

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Title:Worcester Initiative for Supported Reentry - Implementation, Year 1Amount:$474,500
Recipient:Advocates, Inc.
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - Worcester Initiative for Supported Reentry (WISR)
WISR is working with the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, Superior Court Probation, the Parole Board and the Worcester County House of Correction to identify individuals who are being released and returning to Worcester to participate in this program. WISR staff conduct information sessions at the various correctional facilities for those who are eligible and interested in participating in the program. As their release date approaches, each participant will be assessed and an individual service plan developed. These plans include specific goals related to housing, employment, substance abuse and family reconnection issues. WISR case managers work with each participant to assist them in achieving the goals they have outlined. WISR expects to serve 80 individuals in 2013 with a staff of three reentry case managers and an employment specialist.

Project Director: Mr. Ken Bates
Fiscal Agent: Advocates, Inc.
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