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Grants Made in 2005

During 2005, the Foundation continued its support for the four projects under the Health Care and Health Promotion Synergy Initiative awarding a total of almost $1.5 million for their ongoing implementation efforts. The Foundation also awarded more than $340,000 to 10 Activation Fund projects and almost $195,000 for eight Board Designated projects.
Grants Made in 2005$2,014,193
All Ways Fit Program$34,000
Central Massachusetts Oral Health Initiative - Implementation, Year 4$394,725
Child Abuse Prevention and Protection Collaborative - Implementation, Year 3$398,687
Emergency Service Program$25,000
Family Crisis Support Worker Service$21,975
Fathers and Families Program$35,000
Kid Power - Physical Activity Program$30,000
Low Vision Clinic$30,000
Oral Health Initiative of North Central Massachusetts - Implementation, Year 3$350,371
Southern Worcester County Mental Health Parity Law Training for Children's Advocates$35,000
Study of Collateral Services in Children's Outpatient Mental Health Care$85,665
The Almost Home Program$35,000
Together For Kids - Implementation, Year 3$330,524
Women to Women: Inside and Out$9,050
Title:All Ways Fit ProgramAmount:$34,000
Recipient:Boys & Girls Club of Worcester
Grant Type: Activation Fund
The Boys and Girls Club of Worcester will improve the capacity of the Club to reduce childhood obesity among its members, ages 5-18, by engaging youth in physical activity and fitness, assessing members' baseline fitness levels, educating families about nutrition and fitness, and training staff to address health, wellness, nutrition and fitness through a new holistic philosophy - "All Ways Fit".  The Foundation's grant will be used to support a health and fitness program evaluator and purchase youth fitness equipment.

Project Director:  Joseph Hungler, Boys and Girls Club of Worcester
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Title:Central Massachusetts Oral Health Initiative - Implementation, Year 4Amount:$394,725
Recipient:UMass Medical School
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - Central Massachusetts Oral Health Initiative (CMOHI)
Central Massachusetts Oral Health Initiative (CMOHI) continues in its fourth year of implementation to work to increase access to oral health preventive and restorative treatment services for low income or uninsured populations and reduce the incidence of dental caries among children. CMOHI is working to expand oral exams, cleanings, fluoride treatment and sealants in school-based health centers in the Worcester Public Schools; continuing operations at Quinsigamond Children's Dental Services; continuing the KidsSeal Program and Care Mobile program in the Worcester Public Schools and the Webster schools; implementing the accredited General Practice Residency in Dental Medicine at UMass Medical School; developing training materials for physicians to address oral health with adult patients; expanding the partnering program with dentists; and supporting the public policy advocacy agenda with a focus on fluoridation and MassHealth caseload cap.

Project Director:  Dr. John Gusha 
Project Administrator:   Mr. Mick Huppert
Fiscal Agent: UMass Medical School
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Title:Child Abuse Prevention and Protection Collaborative - Implementation, Year 3Amount:$398,687
Recipient:Community Healthlink
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - Child Abuse Prevention and Protection Collaborative (CAPPC)
In its third year of implementation the Child Abuse Prevention and Protection Collaborative (CAPPC) continues to work to prevent child abuse, and improve the system of care for child victims.  CAPPC will continue to provide short-term home visiting services for high-risk families referred by DSS through MSPCC and the Family Outreach Network (FON); support efforts to lobby for state funding for the Connecting Families model based upon the outcomes of the Brandeis evaluation; provide training on the Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) model to agency staff and key caregivers; expand the Central MA Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) Prevention Model of patient education to St. Vincent and UMass; collect patient follow-up data and develop a consistent reporting format to enable a smooth transition of the program to DPH oversight and statewide implementation during the next two years; continue SBS prevention training-of-trainers with community organizations; move toward program sustainability through support for child advocacy centers, FON, SBS; and continue to promote public awareness of child abuse and prevention.

Project Director:   Mr. Daniel D. Melle 
Fiscal Agent: Community Healthlink
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Title:Emergency Service ProgramAmount:$25,000
Recipient:Mental Health and Substance Abuse Corporations of Massachusetts
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Corporation of Massachusetts will conduct a comprehensive survey to document the reimbursement of emergency behavioral health services, focusing on current programs' experience with third-party payers, and aggregate and analyze the data.  The project will generate information to inform public policy regarding the financing and operation of Emergency Service Programs in the Commonwealth, specifically the Medicaid policy requiring providers to serve all presenting clients, and private insurance reimbursement practices.  The Foundation's grant will pay for a consultant to conduct the study and generate a report to be used in advocacy efforts.

Project Director:  Elizabeth Funk, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Corporations of Massachusetts
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Title:Family Crisis Support Worker ServiceAmount:$21,975
Recipient:Community Healthlink
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Community Healthlink's Lipton Emergency Services, in Leominster, will establish a Family Crisis Support Worker Service to deliver on-site support services and respite for 150 families (in the first year) to minimize the trauma of a child's mental health emergency during the evaluation and placement process.  The project aims to establish long-term funding by demonstrating to the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership improvements in family crisis responses and a subsequent reduction in acute episodes.  The Foundation's grant supports curriculum development, staff training and evaluation expenses for the project.

Project Director:  Donald Piktialis, Community Healthlink
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Title:Fathers and Families ProgramAmount:$35,000
Recipient:Pernet Family Health Services
Grant Type: Activation Fund
In partnership with the Worcester County House of Corrections and other service providers, Pernet Family Health Services will establish the Fathers and Families Program to provide parenting education to incarcerated and recently released fathers and support their transition back to a positive relationship with their children.  The Foundation's grant will be used to hire project staff and consultants.

Project Director:  Sheilah Dooley, Pernet Family Health Services
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Title:Kid Power - Physical Activity ProgramAmount:$30,000
Recipient:Tri-Community YMCA
Grant Type: Activation Fund
The Tri-Community YMCA of Southbridge will improve their capacity to reduce childhood obesity among 200 children ages 8-12 by initiating a health, nutrition and supervised fitness program, the Kid Power Program.  The Foundation's grant would be used to complete space renovations for the new youth fitness center.  Staffing expenses and equipment purchases will be supported by other funding partners.

Project Director:  John Zienowicz, Tri-Community YMCA
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Title:Low Vision ClinicAmount:$30,000
Recipient:MAB Community Services
Grant Type: Activation Fund
MAB Community Services will establish a low-vision clinic in Worcester to offer clinical assessments, in-home rehabilitation, case management and social services two days per month for up to 120 consumers in the first year.  Once established, the clinic will be self-sustaining through third-party billing and with the support of New England Eye Institute staff and residents.  The Foundation's grant will be used to purchase low vision examination equipment and adaptive devices.

Project Director:  Sally Rizzo, Director of Vision Community Services
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Title:Oral Health Initiative of North Central Massachusetts - Implementation, Year 3Amount:$350,371
Recipient:Montachusett Opportunity Council
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - Oral Health Initiative of North Central Massachusetts (OHINCM)
The Foundation funded the third year of Implementation of the Oral Health Initiative of North Central Massachusetts (OHINCM) through the Synergy Initiative, for $350,371.  The OHINCM will continue and expand its successful strategies, such as:  CHC Dental Service in Fitchburg (with plans for a 2007 dental residency rotation with UMass); dental GHAP program in Fitchburg and Leominster; fluoride varnish program in local elementary schools; training health care professionals and child birth educators to conduct parent education; public policy advocacy in coordination with the CMOHI and the statewide Oral Health Advocacy Task Force coordinated by Health Care For All; coordinating GHAP enrollment with HCAP outreach workers and Health Alliance Hospital with the aim of institutionalizing the program; implementing the 12-student dental hygiene program at Mt. Wachusett Community College and CHC; and expanding outreach education to summer youth programs.  The OHINCM recently celebrated significant contributions and pledges, in excess of $100,000, by dentists in North County to help establish the dental hygiene program at Mount Wachusett Community College.

Project Co-Administrators:  Ms. Kathleen McDermott, Montachusett Opportunity Council
Ms. Lori Martiska, Heywood Hospital
Fiscal Agent: Montachusett Opportunity Council
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Title:Southern Worcester County Mental Health Parity Law Training for Children's AdvocatesAmount:$35,000
Recipient:YOU, Inc.
Grant Type: Activation Fund
The Southern Worcester County Mental Health Parity Law Training for Children's Advocates, as a collaboration between YOU, Inc. and Health Law Advocates, will provide six comprehensive training sessions on the Mental Health Parity Law over a period of one year to lawyers, probation officers, school personnel, hospital staff and local providers to improve access to mental health services for children in need.  In addition, the collaboration will result in an active and influential Advisory Board to oversee the success of the project.  The Foundation's grant will pay staff to conduct the training sessions and for other training expenses.

Project Director:  Anne Toomey-Doane
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Title:Study of Collateral Services in Children's Outpatient Mental Health CareAmount:$85,665
Recipient:UMass Medical School
Grant Type: Activation Fund
The Center of Mental Health Services Research will conduct a pilot study to identify the extent and type of collateral services required to deliver evidence-based, outpatient mental health treatment for children, and the relationship of client characteristics to these unfunded services.  Study participants will include up to 16 clinicians and 80 clients.  The results will inform efforts to advocate for reimbursement for appropriate collateral services, and generate future outcome studies using a larger sample.  The Foundation's grant will support research staff, supplies and subject costs.

Project Director:  Dr. Jennifer Taub, UMass Medical School
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Title:The Almost Home ProgramAmount:$35,000
Recipient:Dismas House of Massachusetts
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Through a unique partnership with the Worcester County Sheriff's Office and the Massachusetts Parole Board, Dismas House will launch a 12-bed residential project and model, The Almost Home Program, to target the service and skill gaps that hamper successful reintegration for former prisoners from the Worcester County House of Corrections.  Almost Home will provide substance abuse, job-readiness and rehabilitation reintegration services for high-risk former prisoners to reduce homelessness and criminal relapse among paroles.  The Foundation's grant  will pay for staffing for the startup of the project.

Project Director:  Colleen Hilferty, Dismas House
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Title:Together For Kids - Implementation, Year 3Amount:$330,524
Recipient:Community Healthlink
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - Together For Kids (TFK)
During its third year of implementation, the Together For Kids Coalition (TFK) will continue to improve the capacity of childcare staff, childcare agencies and families to effectively meet the emotional and mental health needs of preschool children, particularly those exhibiting challenging behaviors in childcare.  Changes this year will focus on: expanded evaluation with full parental consent for follow-up research into K-1 outcomes; streamlined data collection and reporting to meet third party payer needs; expanded efforts devoted to legislative strategies and insurance reimbursement strategies for sustainability; improved parent communication and expanded parent engagement activities at childcare centers; implementation and expansion of the graduate seminar on early childhood mental health consultation for clinicians; and added professional support and partnership with statewide organizations to advance the TFK public policy agenda.

Project Director: 
Project Manager:  
Ms. Carolyn Droser
Ms. Lynn Hennigan
Fiscal Agent: Community Healthlink
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Title:Women to Women: Inside and OutAmount:$9,050
Recipient:Spectrum Health Systems
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Spectrum Health Systems will establish a comprehensive health, peer-education program, Women to Women:  Inside and Out, for women receiving residential and outpatient substance abuse treatment services, by training staff at five sites in the use of this best practice curriculum.  The curriculum will address the poor nutrition, poor hygiene, risky behaviors, and inattention to health characteristic of substance abusing women that results in deteriorating health, relapse, and children who mirror this lifestyle.  The Foundation's grant will pay for the trainer consultant, translation services and educational materials.

Project Director:  Francoise Elise, Spectrum Health Systems
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