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The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts

Grants Made in 2002

These grants made in 2002, together with grants made by the Foundation since December 2000, bring the philanthropy’s total grantmaking to $4,610,143.
Grants Made in 2002$1,889,830
Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Needs Assessment$34,572
Central Massachusetts Oral Health Initiative - Implementation, Year 1$518,089
Child Abuse Prevention and Protection Collaborative - Pilot $331,894
Depot Pond Village: Affordable Community Living with Services$25,000
Oral Health Initiative of North Central Massachusetts - Pilot $591,768
Practical Nursing Certificate Program$68,040
Together For Kids - Pilot $238,745
Title:Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Needs AssessmentAmount:$34,572
Recipient:YOU, Inc.
Grant Type: Activation Fund
YOU, Inc. will work with the Central Massachusetts Adolescent Substance Abuse Coalition, to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the continuum of care in substance abuse treatment services for adolescents and determining the need for services and a feasibility plan in Central Massachusetts.

Project Director:  Ann Toomey-Doane
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Title:Central Massachusetts Oral Health Initiative - Implementation, Year 1Amount:$518,089
Recipient:UMass Medical School
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - Central Massachusetts Oral Health Initiative (CMOHI)
The University of Massachusetts Medical School for the implementation of a comprehensive program to increase access to oral health preventive and restorative treatment services for low income or uninsured populations and reduce the incidence of dental caries among children in the Greater Worcester and Southern Worcester County areas.

Partners in the CMOHI include the Worcester District Dental Society, Quinsigamond Community College, Great Brook Valley Health Center, The Family Health Center, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Worcester District Medical Society, UMass Memorial Health Care, Worcester District Hygienists’ Association, MSPCC, Southbridge Public Schools, Webster Public Schools, Worcester Public Schools, Southern Worcester County Oral Health Coalition, and several other organizations.

Project Director:  Dr. John Gusha 
Project Administrator:   Mr. Mick Huppert
Fiscal Agent: UMass Medical School 
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Title:Child Abuse Prevention and Protection Collaborative - Pilot Amount:$331,894
Recipient:UMass Medical School
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - Child Abuse Prevention and Protection Collaborative (CAPPC)
The Child Abuse Prevention and Protection Collaborative, will pilot a coordinated, community-based effort, developed with an earlier planning grant, to prevent child abuse and neglect and establish a continuum of care for victims and their families.  Partners in this comprehensive effort include the Central Massachusetts Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Campaign, Daybreak, Henry Lee Willis Community Center, Massachusetts Department of Social Services, MSPCC, Pernet Family Health Service, Worcester Community Connections Coalition, YOU, Inc. and area birthing hospitals.

Project Director:   Dr. Christine Barron
Fiscal Agent:  UMass Medical School
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Title:Depot Pond Village: Affordable Community Living with ServicesAmount:$25,000
Recipient:Baldwinville Nursing Home
Grant Type: Activation Fund
The Baldwinville Nursing Home will work to establish an updated housing plan and to conduct a feasibility and affordable assisted-living study in order to identify housing options for low-income, frail seniors in North Worcester County.

Project Director:  Roger E. Myers, Baldwinville Nursing Home
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Title:Oral Health Initiative of North Central Massachusetts - Pilot Amount:$591,768
Recipient:Montachusett Opportunity Council
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - Oral Health Initiative of North Central Massachusetts (OHINCM)
The Montachusett Opportunity Council, along with the Joint Coalition on Health of North Central Massachusetts, will implement a comprehensive pilot developed with the earlier planning grant to:  add dental services at the Community Health Connections Family Health Center; coordinate with the Wachusett Dental Society and the Gateway Health Access Program to expand access to private dentists through a reduced fee program; provide sealants to second graders in the Fitchburg and Winchendon public schools; educate parents about children’s oral health; develop a local residency program for dentists through state dental schools and a training site for Mount Wachusett Community College’s dental hygienist program; coordinate with the Central Massachusetts Oral Health Initiative (CMOHI) to educate and advocate for legislative and regulatory oral health improvement initiatives.

Project Co-Administrators:  Ms. Kathleen McDermott, Montachusett Opportunity Council
Ms. Lori Martiska, Heywood Hospital
Fiscal Agent: Montachusett Opportunity Council
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Title:Practical Nursing Certificate ProgramAmount:$68,040
Recipient:Mount Wachusett Community College
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Mount Wachusett Community College will establish a Practical Nursing Certificate Program in the Athol/Orange area, to expand training opportunities for the healthcare workforce and to address nursing shortages at local health care facilities and long term care programs.

Project Director:  Deborah J. Orre, Mount Wachusett Community College
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Title:Together For Kids - Pilot Amount:$238,745
Recipient:Community Healthlink
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - Together For Kids (TFK)
Together for Kids Coalition (TFK) will implement a pilot initiative, resulting from an earlier planning grant, to improve children’s mental health by increasing the capacity of child care centers to provide supportive environments for at-risk children and establish stronger links with parents.  This pilot program includes an expanded model of on-site consultation with a mental health clinician; behavior management coaching and training of teaching staff and family outreach and improved data collection.  Along with the work of the Together for Kids Coalition, this initiative aims to generate systemic changes in the delivery of childcare services for children and their families through the improved coordination of resources, training and advocacy efforts.

Project Director:
Project Manager: 
Ms. Caroloyn Droser
Ms. Lynn Hennigan
Fiscal Agent: Community Healthlink
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