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Grants Awarded to Quinsigamond Community College Foundation

Grants Awarded to Quinsigamond Community College Foundation$89,344
Healthcare Career Ladder Expansion (2011)$48,000
EMT Diversification Project (2008)$41,344
Year:2011Amount: $48,000
Title:Healthcare Career Ladder Expansion
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Quinsigamond Community College (QCC) has been operating in Southbridge since 2009 and enrollment in the classes being offered there has exceeded their early projections. QCC is now planning to expand their healthcare career ladders programs. QCC will offer programming to train certified nurse assistants and home health aides. This grant would be used to hire instructors for these programs and equip the lab and classroom for the classes. QCC has agreements in place (with Radius and Holy Trinity) for the CNA students to do their practicum training.

Project Director: Dr. Jane June
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Year:2008Amount: $41,344
Title:EMT Diversification Project
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Quinsigamond Community College will offer a program for 20 to 25 Latino students beginning with a Medical Terminology course in the fall of 2008.  QCC expects 20 of these students to move on to EMT 101 in the spring of 2009.  The Latino population is under represented within the EMS work force presently.  The goal of this effort is to train more Latinos for health care careers.  The EMT course is for individuals who are responding to emergency calls for immediate care to the critically ill or injured and who would transport patients to a medical facility.

Project Director:  Cheryl Finn, Quinsigamond Community College
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