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Grants Awarded to Employment Options

Grants Awarded to Employment Options$291,268
Catering Options/Cooking Up A Career (2018)$30,000
Catering Options Social Enterprise (2015)$78,000
Family Options Manual and Toolkit (2011)$104,200
Family Options Web-Based Replication Program (2007)$79,068
Year:2018Amount: $30,000
Title:Catering Options/Cooking Up A Career
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Employment Options will hire a part-time Prep Chef to increase the capacity of its Catering Options social enterprise for individuals with mental health conditions primarily in the MetroWest area.

Project Director: Mr. James Grasberger
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Year:2015Amount: $78,000
Title:Catering Options Social Enterprise
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Employment Options (EO) serves individuals with serious and persistent mental illness using the Clubhouse Model. They also serve very low-income adults who require workforce development skills. This grant will increase the capacity of Catering Options, a social enterprise that trains and employs disadvantaged, unemployed residents recovering from mental illness in the culinary, food service and hospitality industries. Funds will be used to hire a Business Development Manager and renovate their existing kitchen to be able to support the additional business. EO anticipates recruiting 20 - 25 individuals from their service area for each class. Twelve of these individuals are expected to complete a work readiness course and ten will go on to take a six-week basic culinary training course. Those completing this course will then be placed at various local employers.

Project Director: Mr. Darrell Young
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Year:2011Amount: $104,200
Title:Family Options Manual and Toolkit
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Employment Options (EO) is seeking to produce a theoretically-informed and empirically-based manual and companion toolkit to meet the needs of families in which the parents have mental illness. The manual will provide essential support for the replication of this intervention in multiple sites. The companion toolkit will be relevant to providers adapting existing interventions and approaches. Parental mental illness is very common. About 2/3 of women with serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI) living in the community have children and about 3/4 of the men with SPMI living in the community are fathers. The manual and toolkit will provide guidance and support to community organizations in developing their capacity to address the needs of parents with mental illness.

Project Director: Ms. Toni A. Wolf
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Year:2007Amount: $79,068
Title:Family Options Web-Based Replication Program
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Employment Options is a "clubhouse" and community mental health organization based in Marlborough that has been working to develop a community-specific model and implementation plan for a family-centered, strengths-based program for families living with parental mental illness throughout the Central Massachusetts and MetroWest areas.  Their work began with funding from SAMHSA and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals to develop and pilot this program.  THFCM funding will be used to develop an interactive website; track and respond to requests for training; host a national conference dealing with this issue and set up an entrepreneurial training and consulting division.

Project Director:  Betsy Hinden, Ph.D., UMass Medical School
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