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Grants Awarded to East Quabbin Alliance for a Healthy Community

Grants Awarded to East Quabbin Alliance for a Healthy Community$24,723
Walk Smart! Active Schools Program (2006)$24,723
Year:2006Amount: $24,723
Title:Walk Smart! Active Schools Program
Grant Type: Activation Fund
The East Quabbin Alliance (EQUAL), in partnership with the Quabbin Regional School District and the Central Mass. AHEC, will integrate the Walk Smart! Active Schools program into the current curriculum at the Ruggles Lane elementary school beginning with the third grade.  The walking trials guidebook produced by EQUAL would allow students to use the trails as another opportunity to do more walking.  Parents would be encouraged to participate and would be given a Family Fun Pack with materials that would help the family become more physically active.

Project Director:  Joseph Stenger, M.D., EQUAL Steering Committee
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