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Grants Awarded to Community Harvest Project

Grants Awarded to Community Harvest Project$100,000
Orchard High Density Growing Project (2015)$100,000
Year:2015Amount: $100,000
Title:Orchard High Density Growing Project
Grant Type: Activation Fund
This funding will enable Community Harvest Project (CHP) to implement a high density fruit tree planting system and add other fruit trees to increase the amount of fresh fruit Community Harvest Project can donate to food programs serving low income families and individuals in Worcester County. By developing this high density apple growing system, CHP expects to be able to increase production of more varieties of apples and other fruits which are in demand and are often in short supply at food pantries. CHP anticipates that this new planting system would be fully productive in about three years, allowing CHP to donate 10,000 bushels of apples to hunger relief organizations in 2018. CHP also anticipates being able to sell some of the additional produce thereby improving their financial sustainability.

Project Director: Ms. Jodi Koeman
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