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Grants Awarded to HMEA

Grants Awarded to HMEA$121,700
Autism Advantage at Work (2017)$65,000
Students for Higher: Rising Up for Autism (2015)$56,700
Year:2017Amount: $65,000
Title:Autism Advantage at Work
Grant Type: Activation Fund
HMEA will pilot its Autism Advantage at Work program, which will serve adults with autism in Central Massachusetts and help train and retain them in employment at Dell/EMC as well as other local companies.

Project Director: Mr. Michael E. Moloney
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Year:2015Amount: $56,700
Title:Students for Higher: Rising Up for Autism
Grant Type: Activation Fund
HMEA will use this grant to increase the number of staff providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and respite care for children and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder. ABA is evidence-based and has been shown to be the only therapy that improves behavioral and social challenges for children with autism. College students participating in the program will be exposed to relevant work experience that will help them secure a job in this field after graduation.

Project Director: Ms. Jolene Perry
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