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Grants Awarded to Heywood Hospital

Grants Awarded to Heywood Hospital$172,976
Community Mental Health Center at the Quabbin Retreat (2017)$92,976
Men's Suicide Prevention Project (2013)$80,000
Year:2017Amount: $92,976
Title:Community Mental Health Center at the Quabbin Retreat
Grant Type: Activation Fund
This funding will allow Heywood Hospital to establish a licensed Community Mental Health Center at its Quabbin Retreat facility, which will offer a full continuum of financially accessible substance abuse and behavioral health services to youth and adults.

Project Director: Mr. Brian Gordon
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Year:2013Amount: $80,000
Title:Men's Suicide Prevention Project
Grant Type: Activation Fund

Heywood Hospital plans to implement a targeted, evidence-based men's suicide prevention program in partnership with a number of other area organizations. 

The suicide rate in the Greater Gardner area continues to exceed the state average -- 12.3 per 100,000 vs. 7 per 100,000. In 2012 there were 18 suicides in this region (according to the Massachusetts State Police) and 12 (67 percent) of them were committed by white working-age men. 

Heywood Hospital will use the Massachusetts Department of Public Health's evidence-based program -- Men's Volunteer Suicide Prevention Advocacy; this is a male peer to peer model that provides support for survivors who have lost a male loved one, colleague or friend to suicide. 

Their goal is to train individuals throughout the community so that people will recognize the signs that someone is at risk and help them to access the necessary resources to prevent additional suicides.

The Hospital also plans to put information about suicide prevention on their website. 

Project Director:               Ms. Barbara Nealon

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