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Grants Awarded to Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission

Grants Awarded to Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission$50,000
Worcester County DataCommon (2013)$50,000
Year:2013Amount: $50,000
Title:Worcester County DataCommon
Grant Type: Activation Fund

The Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC) plans to develop the Worcester County DataCommon; a common, accessible, open platform database that could be used by organizations, agencies or even individuals to support policy-making decisions, program development, benchmarking and projections.

The DataCommon will facilitate access to and sharing of a range of interactive useable data on topics including health, housing, education, crime, recreation, employment and culture.  This would allow local organizations and communities to use data to better understand and analyze current issues.

The goal of the DataCommon is to serve as a third-party intermediary, providing the same data to everyone.  The software allows for a variety of visualizations -- by place, over time, etc. -- which should help organizations and communities to better understand some of the issues they are facing.

Project Director:               Mr. Lawrence B. Adams

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