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Grants Awarded to RCAP Solutions

Grants Awarded to RCAP Solutions$115,825
Small Water System Financial Sustainability (2014)$60,000
Community Septic Management Technical Assistance Program (2012)$55,825
Year:2014Amount: $60,000
Title:Small Water System Financial Sustainability
Grant Type: Activation Fund
RCAP Solutions will provide on-site technical, managerial and financial assistance and training support in order to increase a community's capacity to plan, operate, manage and sustain their water systems. RCAP will work with four communities on asset management and capital needs planning and help them with technical assistance and training around compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act. An Act Improving Drinking and Wastewater Infrastructure was enacted this year by the Massachusetts Legislature and provides funding for a number of projects related to the sustainability of water, wastewater and storm water systems. The legislation also creates a state infrastructure fund to assist communities in addressing financing and sustainability.

Project Director: Mr. John R. Linehan
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Year:2012Amount: $55,825
Title:Community Septic Management Technical Assistance Program
Grant Type: Activation Fund
RCAP Solutions plans to help local communities develop and submit Community Septic Management Plans to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection in order to access a revolving loan fund to help finance home septic system repairs at very low interest rates. Of the 39 communities in Worcester County that rely on septic systems, 26 communities (home to about 150,000 residents) have not submitted plans. RCAP will work with the local board of health and town officials to develop these plans. RCAP estimates that they would be able to assist between four and five communities. The final number will depend on which communities are interested and the quality of data they have available for RCAP. It is anticipated that as many as 80 homeowners in these communities could get loans as a result of this work.

Project Director: Mr. James P. Starbard
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