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Grants Awarded to Henry Lee Willis Community Center

Grants Awarded to Henry Lee Willis Community Center$423,641
Worcester Initiative for Supported Reentry - Pilot (2012)$373,641
Mosaic Cultural Complex Capacity Building (2011)$50,000
Year:2012Amount: $373,641
Title:Worcester Initiative for Supported Reentry - Pilot
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - Worcester Initiative for Supported Reentry (WISR)
The Worcester Initiative for Supported Reentry (WISR) is a coordinated reentry program for men involved with Superior Court Probation.  The goal is to reduce the rate of recidivism by providing clinical and case management services by increasing employment and housing stability and reducing alcohol and drug use.  Participants will be assessed prior to release and will each have an individual strengths-based service plan (ISP) that will be revised as appropriate throughout the project.  They will receive intensive supportive case management and be linked to medical, mental health, housing, vocational and educational resources designed to bolster their ability to address those factors and life-circumstances that will contribute to their ability to remain crime free.

Eligible program participants for the pilot project will: be adult men between the ages of 20 and 50; have either a high school or GED diploma; have three or fewer convictions and episodes of incarceration; have some demonstrated employment and housing history; have no previous convictions for sex offenses, arson or murder; and have positive or at least neutral views on engaging in treatment.  Twenty-five men will be recruited for the pilot project.

Project Co-Directors: Mr. Dave McMahon
Mr. Carlton Watson
Fiscal Agent: Henry Lee Willis Community Center
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Year:2011Amount: $50,000
Title:Mosaic Cultural Complex Capacity Building
Grant Type: Activation Fund
Mosaic Cultural Complex is a grassroots organization whose mission is to provide the highest quality of services to improve the quality of life for vulnerable populations through holistic services based on Christian principles, with a focus on men of color. Mosaic is seeking funding to help them develop a strategic plan to make more effective use of existing resources by better focusing their efforts. They have identified a local consulting firm to help them with this strategic planning process. Mosaic is also interested in implementing Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) as a means of assessing the effectiveness of the various programs they are running. The Henry Lee Willis Center will serve as the fiscal agent for this grant and assist Mosaic in their ETO implementation.

Project Director: Ms. Brenda Jenkins

Fiscal Agent: Henry Lee Willis Community Center
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