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Grants Awarded to City of Worcester, Division of Public Health

Grants Awarded to City of Worcester, Division of Public Health$75,000
Public Health Regionalization Project (2010)$75,000
Year:2010Amount: $75,000
Title:Public Health Regionalization Project
Grant Type: Activation Fund
The City of Worcester made significant cuts to its Department of Public Health as a result of the recession and is now looking to regionalization as one means of strengthening its public health department. This is consistent with the recommendation of the City Manager’s Task Force on Public Health and the state's goal of strengthening the Massachusetts public health system by having small public health departments work together to build capacity and improve services. The City will hire a consultant from the Institute for Community Health to bring various stakeholders together, conduct a needs assessment of the various communities that might be part of a regionalized public health effort and develop a fee structure which could form the basis of a self-sustaining program.
Project Director: Derek Brindisi
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