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Grants Awarded to Health Care For All

Grants Awarded to Health Care For All$25,000
Oral Health Advocacy Taskforce (2008)$25,000
Year:2008Amount: $25,000
Title:Oral Health Advocacy Taskforce
Grant Type: Synergy Initiative - Central Massachusetts Oral Health Initiative (CMOHI)
Health Care For All will continue the work of the Oral Health Advocacy Taskforce to create a strategic planning process, that will advance the community flouridation status of Massachusetts, develop information materials for legislators and their staff,  continue its work with the Watch Your Mouth Campaign to make more people aware of the connection between oral and physical health, and the continued development of the Oral Health Campaign website, to serve as a resource on research and other oral health initiatives nationwide.

Project Director:  Ms. Fawn Phelps
Fiscal Agent: Health Care For All
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