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The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts

Partnership for Refugee Wellness

Partnership for Refugee Wellness$667,417
Partnership for Refugee Wellness - Implementation (2017)$40,000
Partnership for Refugee Wellness - Pilot Grant (2016)$456,695
Collaborative Model for Integrating Resettled Refugees - Planning (2015)$170,722
Year:2017Amount: $40,000
Title:Partnership for Refugee Wellness - Implementation
Recipient:Ascentria Care Alliance
This implementation grant for the Partnership for Refugee Wellness (PRW) will allow Ascentria to deliver flexible and integrated case management services to refugees in Worcester through community health centers. The November 4, 2016 approval of MassHealth Section 1115 waiver offers an opportunity for community-based organizations to partner with Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to help manage the total costs of care by addressing social determinants of health.

Previously, the PRW aimed to develop a new model for refugee integration that could, through the demonstration of significant program impacts, create systems change by reforming the federal model for refugee resettlement. The unfavorable political climate towards refugees and the infeasible sample size required to demonstrate significant program impact have rendered this approach insufficient, however. The MassHealth Section 1115 waiver has emerged as an auspicious alternative. With this grant, Ascentria will solidify its relationships with the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center and the Family Health Center of Worcester, both of which will participate in the ACOs.

Project Director: Mr. Tim Johnstone
Fiscal Agent: Ascentria Care Alliance
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Year:2016Amount: $456,695
Title:Partnership for Refugee Wellness - Pilot Grant
Recipient:Ascentria Community Services
Ascentria Care Alliance (ACA) will pilot a new model for 20 refugee families to enable better integration into the community. Each family will work with a case manager to define their resettlement needs as well as their goals and objectives and a service plan will be developed. The outcomes will be compared to a similar group of refugee families being resettled in Westfield.

ACA will partner with Family Health and the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center, the other two resettlement agencies (Catholic Charities and RIAC), as well as Community Legal Aid, the Worcester Public Schools and Workforce Central to provide services to these families in a collaborative and coordinated way.

ACA will also work with select Mutual Assistance Associations to explore and share best practices currently being used by these various organizations with the objective of validating and replicating them across the community. This will help all of the organizations working with refugees to do a better job of integrating them into the community.

Project Director: Mr. Tim Johnstone
Fiscal Agent: Ascentria Care Alliance
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Year:2015Amount: $170,722
Title:Collaborative Model for Integrating Resettled Refugees - Planning
Recipient:Ascentria Community Services
Ascentria Care Alliance (ACA) is planning a Collaborative Model for the Integration of Resettled Refugees (CMIRR) who arrive in Worcester. More than 1,600 refugees were resettled in Worcester from 2009-2011. The refugee resettlement period that has been established and funded by the federal government covers eight months and is primarily focused on employment and economic stability, not on overall well-being and meaningful integration into the community.

ACA will convene key leaders from the refugee community and the various mutual assistance organizations to identify opportunities and obstacles for refugees and to propose strategies to optimize best practices for integration into the community. They will then pilot and evaluate a client-centered model for meaningful integration in Worcester. Some of the partner organizations that have agreed to participate in this effort include the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center; Family Continuity; the Worcester Public Schools; the Worcester Housing Authority; Community Legal Aid; Quinsigamond Community College; and Worcester Interfaith.

During this planning year, CMIRR will form a Steering Committee, conduct research, perform needs assessments and develop a model for the pilot project with appropriate evaluation tools. The goal is to develop a model for refugee integration with measurable outcomes that will reshape how services are delivered and empower refugees with the skills and resources necessary to successfully integrate into their new community.

Project Director: Ms. Angela Bovill
Fiscal Agent: Ascentria Care Alliance
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