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The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts

Evaluation Report for The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts: Analyses of Its First Ten Years of Grantmaking (2000-2010)

The end of 2010 marked The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts’ first decade of awarding grants which totaled $20 million to improve the health of those who live or work in Central Massachusetts.  An evaluation of the Foundation’s grantmaking concludes that the Foundation has made a positive impact on the region’s health, particularly by addressing oral health, mental health, homelessness and hunger.

In keeping with its focus on results, the Foundation commissioned an evaluation which culminated in the Evaluation Report for The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts: Analyses of Its First Ten Years of Grantmaking (2000-2010)This report is the third in a series of self-evaluations commissioned by the Foundation and analyzes the impact of the Foundation’s three grant funding avenues: the Health Care and Health Promotion Synergy Initiative, the Activation Fund and Board Designated grants and expenses.

The report concludes that the three grantmaking avenues have been effective and continue to advance the goals of the Foundation in complementary ways.  The Synergy Initiative grants totaled nearly $15.5 million and impacted health issues by spanning multiple years, including evaluation expertise and emphasizing advocacy to change systems.  Grants totaling $2.5 million from the Activation Fund were made to 46 different organizations, enabling many to develop new ventures, often with lasting impact on the organization and its clients.  Board Designated grants and expenses totaled $2.4  million and complemented the two grantmaking avenues through grants to area nonprofits in recognition of the volunteer service of Foundation Board and Community Members serving on committees, as well as through technical assistance for grantees, advocacy for public health issues and memberships in health-related organizations.  The evaluation report also outlined suggestions for improvement as the Foundation seeks to continuously improve its work.

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