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The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts

An Evaluation of Grantmaking: Lessons Learned for Meaningful Engagement

The Foundation was pleased to host Ibunkun Owoputi as one of ten graduate students participating from across the country in the American Evaluation Association Graduate Education Diversity Internship program during the 2015-2016 academic year.  The major activity of the internship was to conduct an Independent Evaluation Project, and we thank those in our community who were generous with their time and responded to Ms. Owoputi’s survey or were interviewed by her.  We also thank her for conducting this research which provided the Foundation staff and Board with candid and highly valued feedback from grantees and input from potential applicants.   

To access Ms. Owoputi’s evaluation click here.

The Foundation practices self-evaluation in a variety of ways as a function of our commitment to continuous quality improvement.  We have fully considered the report’s four recommendations, and the Foundation’s responses and actions to be taken are provided below for each of the recommendations.

To access The Health Foundation’s response to the evaluation click here.