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The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts

2001 Formative Evaluation


One year after The Health Foundation announced it’s grantmaking programs and application guidelines, the Board of Directors and staff of the Foundation sought feedback from community members in the region to inform the development of the organization and to learn more about the initial work of the Foundation in the community. The Health Foundation contracted with Dr. Pam Imm and Dr. Abe Wandersman to conduct an independent, formative evaluation.

The “Executive Summary of the Formative Evaluation Report” describes the feedback received from the community through focus group interviews and a mailed survey. “The Foundation Responds” outlines, in detail, the policy and administrative response from The Health Foundation to the findings of the Formative Evaluation.

The Board of Directors and staff of The Health Foundation are deeply committed to improving health in the region. The Foundation’s primary mechanism for bringing about that change is the system of results-oriented grantmaking. The Board will periodically assess the work of the Foundation in order to continue to improve it.

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